Balance Mind and Body for Ideal Health

Balance mind and body for ideal health

When people get sick (and here we are talking about an illness that is caused by a poor and unhealthy lifestyle), their primal urges and actions lead toward getting better as soon as possible. They start taking medications, watch out for diet and suddenly fast results are all they expect. Naturally, we all don’t want to be in pain so we want to get better as soon as possible.

But the illness that we find ourselves in one day did not start on that particular day. It started a long time ago. So, what we need to understand that healing or getting better will last much longer than a day.

The other very important thing to know here and which is stressed out by holistic healers is that we should take a complete person to examine the illness: their mindset, thoughts, and feelings, how they react to stress, internal and external conditions, etc. There is a lot to take into consideration when healing a certain illness and not just the illness itself.


Don’t just take prescribed medication, change your complete lifestyle with it

If you are diagnosed with, for example, type 2 diabetes, a doctor will advise you not only to take medication but to completely change your lifestyle as well.

We must be aware that a sedentary lifestyle with no exercise, too much unhealthy food, and stress will get us off balance. If we do not change our minds for the better, we will start seeing consequences on our bodies.


First things first. Start with the mind.

The Buddha said: “The mind is everything. What we think we become”. Our minds rule our lives and we are a product of our minds. No more, no less.

Craving for fast food or sweets is an indication of something. Too many video games are an indication of something. Staring at the TV most of the day is an indication of something. As yourself what does it mean?

Are you running away from reality? Is there something bothering you so you protect yourself from the world by eating too much to be overweight and left alone? My psychiatrist asked me this last question 15 years ago. I was stunned! What kind of protection would it be if I were overweight and had more problems in my life with weight than being a normal size person?

But having a thorough introspection on this question made me realize: he was right! I was protecting myself. If I were overweight, people would leave me alone because nothing is interesting about overweight people. I guess I perceived it like that on a subconscious level. With weight, I was protecting myself from experiencing anxiety and panic attacks caused by social bonding. It all had a purpose but this protection was set all at the wrong foundation (and it is not a guaranty people will leave you alone).

To make any change, you won’t do anything by just saying “let’s go, I’m changing from now on”. Why? Because you don’t have a developed inner foundation and without it, you won’t be able to balance your mind with your body.

The way to change would be:

  • Accept yourself just as you are at this moment. If you don’t accept your negative sides that means you are running away from them, denying them, or pretend they don’t exist. But what you run away from bytes you harder and harder with each step. Instead, turn around and face yourself.
  • Make one step at a time. Read books, educate yourself on YouTube, blogs, or even ask for professional help. Your well-being is most important and if you are aware you need to change then start doing that first step.
  • Don’t expect results overnight. You didn’t become this person suddenly so don’t expect to change fast. Apply this one step at a time here as well.
  • Rinse and repeat. When you find something that you feel is reaching out to you, give it a good chance. Don’t try once or twice and then give up. Be persistent.


Start balancing mind and body

If you are still convinced your physical problems are not dependent on the mind, then you should once again consider why your health is damaged.

Once you settle positive, nurturing thoughts in your mind, you will decide your life is worth enough to take care of your body as well. Fast food is delicious, cakes are exquisite, but if it all makes you feel bloated, you have constant heartburn or your sugar is high, is it really worth it? If your spine hurts from too much sitting, is it that big of a deal to take that daily half-hour brisk walk?

There are so many other ways to enjoy life besides food, TV, video games, social networks that make you scroll them numb for hours. Instead try walking in the woods, take a look at those trees, the sun passing through and give in to the serenity of the woods. Your mind will benefit from nature’s peacefulness and so will your body. You will feed both of them with positivity and light. And that’s where the balance will meet. That is just one of many examples you can balance yourself. It may be meditation or mountaineering, spending time at lakes or sea, or just sitting on your balcony enjoying the peace on a sunny day.

We can only find a perfect balance if we quiet our minds and spend time in nature. Give it a try.


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