Why I Value Inner Peace as The Most Important Mindset

I used to think that having a successful career, solid bank account, many friends, a family that consists of a husband plus two-three kids, big house, and other external assets are keys to happiness. That was back when I was 20-25. As time was passing by, and some of these wishes came true while others didn’t, I realized that none of these were the objects that I could rely on to be happy. Whatever I had, I couldn’t be sure that it would last, or that it will always fulfill my expectations. There was always a certain amount of uneasiness.

Over the years and with usual life’s struggles, worries, failures, and successes, I came to the conclusion that the most important jewel in life is having an inner peace. No matter what you have or don’t have if you don’t feel peaceful and serene, nothing else matters (of course having physical health is the most important as well).

The definition of inner peace

Inner peace would best be described as a mind’s ability to always dwell in tranquility, serenity, and balance. But this kind of state refers not only to our mindset when we have no outside worries or distractions. The best test for knowing if you have stable inner peace is at the times when other average humans would lose their coolness. Do you stay cool when someone cuts you off on the road or when a colleague gossip about you? Can you not react to your partner’s outburst when they are in a bad mood? Most of us get imbalanced when things like these happen.

What it takes to have inner peace

Inner peace can be disturbed by many things happening both inside and out. But a shift in perspective and a bit of mindful observation will get you there faster than you think.

A shift in perspective refers to a few things:

– be happy with what you have

– expect less

– release attachments

To adopt these mindsets, you will have to work on them.

Things to do to have firm and steady inner peace

Practice self-awareness and mindfulness to react properly in every situation

Mindful reaction to whatever goes on inside of us is a way to monitor our inner state whether it is in peace or disturbed (this is crucial). How can we be aware of our mental state if we are not self-aware?

When you start feeling bad or uneasy, the first thing you should do is stop and observe why this feeling came. For example, you feel angry because you were expecting your spouse to remember your anniversary, but he didn’t. In case you noticed, this situation threw you off balance. Now you have to realize why this situation got you upset and made you lose your inner peace. It is because of your expectation. Yes, every woman expects her man to remember their anniversaries. Now continue working with what you just realized.

Release expectance and attachment

Expecting things to go your way is a sure way to hell as far as inner peace is concerned.

You won’t ever be able to completely disband expectations as they are a part of our nature. However, you can practice being less needy for people and things to do what you think they should do.

Once you stop (or better to say reduce) expectations, you will see how inner peace is much more valuable than nurturing expectations.

The same goes for attachment. Clinging to things and people makes you want to possess something that is ever changeable and unstable. Why would you want to do that? Every day you will get disappointed by something if you continue holding on to it firmly. Instead, accept that whatever you have in your life at the moment is something to enjoy in and use it, but when the time comes you should just let it go freely.


Keep your inner peace like a precious jewel

When things are good, it is easy to have a balanced and peaceful mind. The trick is to keep inner peace when things go south.

Aside from physical health, always remember that your inner peace is very important to nurture.

Material things and people come and go. Be ready to let them pass through your life without clinging to any of them. It is alright to have material things and people, just don’t cling hard to them. The less you cling, the more you will be happy and your inner peace will be undisturbed. The same goes for expectance.


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