Coronavirus Isolation – What We Can Benefit From It

No one ever imagined we would be looking at this scenario of experiencing deadly fear from a virus called Corona. Though there were many films made with virus apocalyptic themes in the past, in the end, we are now all looking at these times wandering “what the…?”. It is one thing to see it on a big screen and completely different to actually go through the fear of being infected and possibly dying from it.

I myself am in the risk group due to asthma and allergy condition. What I do is follow all the guidelines given by authorities to minimize the risk. But now when I am closed up in my house, I actually have much more time to think. TV is working less (I don’t want to feed with constant negativity from all the news although I do get informed just enough to know what is going on), no visitors and no shopping till I drop. And now, being closed up from everyone I have time to think.

It is a great time, if not the best, to do a good self-introspection analysis. Why? Because we can see ourselves through these difficult times who we are and where we stand.

In spite of the fear and worry, we can actually pull some positive benefits from it to make our lives better. After all, this condition won’t last forever, but the lessons we might learn will be priceless.


1.      Deal with the mortal fear first

I know people who are mortified of being infected with Coronavirus. It is like they just woke up and realized they might actually die.

To me, death is a natural part of life and although I don’t want to die (yet), I do accept that it might happen at any time. Why let this fear paralyze me and stop me from living when I don’t know when it is going to happen?

I would urge you to stop panicking. Do whatever it takes to minimize the possibility of infection but don’t let your mind go crazy from fear. It will only make your life overrun with fear which will ruin the quality of your life. No one knows the future. Why ruin the present moment then?


2.      Think about where you are at the moment

Is your life good? When Coronavirus is under control, will you continue living the way you did? Or, are there things in your life that you are not satisfied with and would like to improve?

Now is the best time to make self-evaluation. We are stopped from rushing around. We have time. And we should use it to start making a personal change.

The best thing to do is see where you are, make a decision of changing what needs to be changed and then make a plan on how to do it. Without a plan, things will never start changing.


What your actions at Coronavirus age say about you

We saw a lot of people fighting in the stores for a pack of toilet paper. What does that tell us about who we are?

Did you become so self-absorbed and selfish at these times that you forgot to help people who need you? Maybe you bought too much stuff and helped empty the shelves which in turn left others cut from necessary supplies?

Instead of losing our human side, we should see other people suffer just as we do and we should practice loving kindness instead of selfishness. If the time comes when we will be facing hunger, will you be able to share your excessively stored food?

Think about what kind of World you want to live in. If you would like to get help in times of need, then do what it takes to be that kind of person yourself.

And remember, good things come to those who do good things.


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