Nourish Yourself With Gentle And Calm Thoughts

What advice would you give to a friend if you heard them say “I am a failure “, “I don’t deserve good things” or using a similar talk? Would you agree with them and let them continue using such harsh talk on themselves or would you stop them and make them see how wonderful they are (because after all they are your friends and you must think the world about them)?

Unfortunately, we use a lot of negative, critical and harsh talk on ourselves without even noticing it. Nothing unusual about that. However, you are and should be your closest and dearest friend. This means you should nurture yourself with positive, gentle and supportive words.


How to nourish ourselves with gentle and calm thoughts

Sometimes it is disturbing how awful we treat ourselves. On the other hand, we will always be supportive of our friends.

Always keep in mind you are and should be your best friend.

How can you be an extraordinary person if you don’t treat yourself with respect and care?

Any bad thoughts directed on yourself should be immediately

  • Recognized
  • Put under control
  • Stopped
  • Transformed into support and care

Easier said than done, but not impossible. All it takes is practice:

  • Be mindful
  • Acknowledge bad thoughts
  • Make a decision to transform thoughts from negative to positive
  • Stick to always being your first, your last and your top best friend (just like a real-life friend who will always have your back and not put you down ever)

How To Balance Positive And Negative Thoughts

Be your own best friend

If you want to become happy and supported, you have to become your own best friend. We can all have a wonderful family, many good friends, but at the end of the day, we are stuck with ourselves. Can we be happy if we don’t accept ourselves unconditionally and think good thoughts about who we are?

Just imagine how you’d feel if someone said to you right now “you are an ugly, stupid, worthless person who I don’t ever want to see again”? Well, that is what we often say to ourselves without even realizing it.

Nothing and no one can ever make you happy if you don’t treat yourself in a proper way. Can you be happy hating yourself? Can you prosper if you continuously judge your every move and don’t approve of anything you are?

Sure, we should always observe ourselves in terms of where we can progress and learn. But it is one thing to use our inner critic to prosper and completely different to say mean and ugly things to ourselves which can lead to sinking in negativity and unhappiness.

Gentle and nurturing thoughts are just as important as nurturing and healthy food.

Examples of gentle and nurturing thoughts

I am a good and smart person. What I don’t know, I will put effort to learn.

I continuously make an effort to prosper in all areas. Every day is different and I allow myself to fail at something while I will use it to learn from it.

It is ok to be bad at one thing, average on another and best at third. As long as I learn, change for the better and make effort, I am fine.

Good things happen when I concentrate on positive. Bad things are a part of life and I accept them. Either way, I am living my life to the fullest always being here and now, being my own best friend and support, completely accepting myself as I am.

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