Happy Couples: Soulmates Or Simply Compatible?

Many people, and by people I mean mostly women, believe there is a soulmate for everyone. It is true that some couples out there seem like they are meant for each other as if they are made exactly the way other person needs them to be. But having done a bit of research it turns out that people involved in those happy “soulmate-like” relationships are nothing more than two persons who are caring, giving and loving people. And being like that toward the other person, their relationship by default is happy. Why wouldn’t it be if you have a person who respects you, cares for you and gives you love and affection just the way you need?

So, does this kind of relationship fall under the soulmate category? Or is it simply a matter of character built and made effort? Let’s look at two important facts.

1. Soulmate relationship requires work and effort for happiness

Although at first you might conclude that soulmates do not require effort because it is all just a smooth sail, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes, it is easier for two people to have fewer problems if they are more compatible, but every relationship needs effort and work.

If you are one of the people who believe in soulmates, you might be in danger of losing a good relationship. Why? Because having someone you believe to be your soulmate might stop you from putting effort into a relationship. No need to put effort because you are soulmates and that means everything runs smoothly?

Well, wrong! Even if, for example, you are extra intelligent, you still need to make an effort to finish school. It will be easier for you but there is still some work to be done no matter how smart you are. The same goes for having someone you believe to be your soulmate.

No matter how well you function with your partner, you will need occasional compromises, sacrifices, and effort on both parts.

2. A soulmate can be anyone

Yep, you might disagree with this one but let me explain.

As I’ve written in the first paragraph, everything to succeed needs work. And to make a relationship work, you need to be(come) a relationship material.

Are you selfish or lazy? You are then not good relationship material. That means you cannot be someone’s soulmate because who would agree to consider you a soulmate if you only think of yourself? However, if you become aware of your shortcomings and did something to change yourself, you will most definitely start being good relationship material. And therefore you might be soulmate material.

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Few tips on having a happy “soulmate-like” relationship

Stop doing things that will make you a selfish and inconsiderate person. Unless your partner is brainless and doesn’t have any standards for their happiness, you will not pass well as being self-centered and lazy.

Are you prone to choosing videogames over time spent with your partner? How about putting your partner in the first place and only spend time on videogames when you have it? That will make you a soulmate material for sure, whereas the first option most definitely won’t (you don’t have to completely give up who you are, but soulmate is someone who puts a loved one in the first place).

To have a soulmate-like relationship you need to be a soulmate material yourself. No one is perfect but we can upgrade ourselves in every aspect. Ponder into yourself and start noticing what part of your personality doesn’t fit in a good relationship. And then start working on changing it. Be the kind of person you want to have as a partner. That will make you someone’s soulmate.

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