Why You Should Meditate Every Day For 10 Minutes

People have misconceptions regarding meditation. One of them is the length needed to see results.

The studies show that even as little as 10 minutes of meditation a day can give great benefits. As a regular meditator for the past 6 years, I have concluded this to be absolutely true. You don’t have to sit for hours to see results. However, I can’t deny that the longer meditation lasts, it will give even better results.

So, based on my experience in 10-minute meditation practice, here is what I’ve discovered.


1. There are no excuses to find 10 minutes a day for meditation

I put this first because I know how all of us are quick to find excuses and the conclusion is often “this is not for me”. This is not true because waking up 10 minutes earlier in the morning is nothing compared to the benefits these well spent 10 minutes will give you.

My morning routine includes waking up earlier before work and at first, I did have problems myself adjusting to the new routine because often I’d just like to stay in bed. But after experiencing the benefits from meditation now it is no longer a problem waking up because I know it will be a time well spent for the entire day’s good feeling.

You know how 10 minutes pass quickly. Your sleep won’t benefit with these few extra minutes in the stock. But your mind will be grateful all day long. Set that alarm clock a bit earlier and start meditating.


2. It puts you in a tranquil state

First meditation won’t give many results. Maybe even second or third won’t either. But after a few days of consistent meditation, you will start seeing the results. And those results will not be just plain peace of mind. It will be a deeply tranquil state where you feel all your body’s atoms have stopped shaking. You will feel aligned with subtle areas of the universe where peace is a predominant state.


3. It gives you a sense of connection with the universe

Happiness gives us a sense of broadness as if we are free and connected to everything. Contrary, unhappiness makes us small and gives a feeling of being closed in a dark uncomfortable place. One of meditation’s many benefits is that practicing it regularly will put us in a continuous state of broadness and we will become naturally happy.


4. Mental powers might develop

Some people start meditating only to develop mental powers because they think it is very cool. I must say this is not the reason I encourage to have for doing meditation. But if you are a regular meditator and start seeing results fast, it is only natural that a side effect like developing clairvoyance or deeper intuition might develop.

Don’t worry, most of the people don’t experience these side effects ever so just relax and do meditation for the intention it was first created. But in case you do, use it to do good.


5. The peace will be your integral part through the entire day

Meditation’s benefit is much like taking a painkiller. Its effect lasts for hours. It can also be compared to a good run in the morning. Those who run regularly say their day is not the same if they don’t do the workout. Their level of energy after a good workout is higher and the body is in a peaceful state because the stress and negativity are kicked out.

If I don’t meditate one morning, I don’t see much of a negative effect. But sometimes I have to skip meditation for a few days because of a trip or illness and with each passing day without morning meditation I see my tranquil state slowly deteriorates.

Sometimes we can’t do meditation consistently absolutely every day and it’s fine. Just be sure to get back on track as soon as obstacles are gone. Besides all, meditation should be relaxing and fun and not a source of stress if we can’t do it for some reason.

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