Reprogramming Yourself To Become The Desired Version Of You

Our mind is similar to a computer. We are a product of specific programming that started forming us even as early as in the womb.

The good news is that whatever we were programmed to, we can change it by working on our mind. All it takes is dedication and the right method.

One of the methods that work for reprogramming is implementing a “replacement program”. To remove a problematic program you need a counter-program that will take over and kick out the old and useless one.

The following steps will make any of your wrong programs be replaced with the desired ones:

1. Make sure to know from top to bottom your undesirable program

For this example, we will take an overeater mind program.

The program that makes you overeat dates back to your early childhood. Your parents encouraged you to eat a lot more than you needed. In a course of time, you figured out that food is very comforting, especially when you are upset or unhappy. In no time, your mind developed a program where you reach for food any time you are in a negative mindset. The program initiates a need for eating to become happy.

The awareness about the program is a foundation to make the next step.

2. Create a new program that will replace the existing one

This step takes a bit of reflection. Take time to think about your problematic program and then determine what would be necessary to create a new program as a replacement. Read and learn from experts. Ponder in your mind and think about what would be smart and useful. Write down everything you want your new program to look like.

For an overeater, a new program would be stopping the overeating and eating only as much the body needs for proper functioning. Start creating all the details in the new program: healthy eating that consists of certain habits (and what they should be), a plan on eating balanced and healthy meals, reflection on the need to eat healthy for the body and not to cure your emotions, work on removing your need for emotional feeding by applying awareness that emotional fulfillment can never be fully done with food, only temporary and you don’t want temporary solutions.

This is the idea behind creating a new desired program: by gathering the knowledge from experts and then consolidating it in a set of thoughts that will serve as a program.

3. Connect a “switch” to your new program to instantly make it appear

This is a crucial part of reprogramming. The brain tends to start forgetting, especially something complicated or hard. So, to trigger the new program we need a “switch” that will instantly turn the new program on.

The idea behind it is to connect your new program with something simple that will trigger your new program to appear instantly. Similarly to a brain’s ability to recall a memory when it experiences a smell connected to this memory, a switch will serve as the program’s starter.

After setting the program, find a pleasant, lovable word or object and imprint it into your program. From now on you are aware that each time you need this specific program, all you have to do is use your switch and the program will begin.

I use “magic mantra” for calling up my program. For overeating, my magic mantra is “I eat to be healthy”. Other usable methods are also visualizing some object like an amulet or yourself in the desired state.

3. Applying the switch to bring the new program up

So, now we have an old, useless program, a new one that will work great when applied and an object that will trigger our new program to appear and start working.

How do we do that? If overeating starts because we’ve had a bad day and now we need some comfort in the form of food, our awareness recognizes what is happening and – switch! Let the new program from the subconscious start.

Don’t expect fast results

To make this method work, it takes time. Our brain will fight every step of the way because it is used to familiar and well-established programs. The new program takes time to kick the old one out. But everyday practice will make new program weaken the existing one. And hard work will pay off because one day we will wake up to a new, desired version of ourselves.

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