5 Tips to Make Long-distance Relationship Successful

Finally! You have found that one perfect person for you and you feel on top of the world! But they live two hours’ drive away. Or a plane ride away. What now?

Having a long-distance relationship is not an easy task. Many relationships like that ended after a long struggle and giving their best to succeed but in the end, distance killed them. Why is that?

Just like any other relationship, this type has its challenges as well. And just like with other types of relationship, this one requires hard work with some additional specifics to it. Here are a few tips that can make long-distance work and in the end turn into a wonderful life together.


1. Set relationship goals at the very beginning

It is not a good idea to get into a long-distance relationship if you don’t know where it might lead. People can be dishonest at the very beginning to get only trivial pleasures. But if there are two serious persons involved, they must talk about where they see their relationship in the near and far future.

Playing games and waiting for someone else to bring this topic up can set this kind of relationship to failure at the very beginning. That’s why you have to talk about it and see where you two are heading. If one person knows they are serious and see themselves eventually living together but the other person says it’s way too soon to talk about it, then you are not on the good track. Why waste precious time on someone who is vague?


2. Make the relationship a priority

When you both set the right intention and you know there is a future for you two, to make relationship sailing as smooth as possible, you must think about all the ways how to see each other as often as possible. Without regular face-to-face bonding, things will start to deteriorate. So, brainstorm together and set goals when and how long you can spend time together. If it is every other weekend and every other Tuesday, set these plans and stick to them.

Besides kids, if there are any from previous relationships, this relationship must be placed at the top of priorities.


3. Be open and honest about problems

There will be a lot of bumps on the road because let’s face it, this road is much longer than in normal relationships. If something is bothering one of the partners, communication has to be immediate and straight. Otherwise, the emotional distance will start developing.


4. Use all forms of communication as often as possible when you are not together

The only way to be connected to your partner when you are not physically together is through telecommunication. If you neglect this type of communication, most probably you will start drifting apart.

Use any form of staying in touch. Good morning and good night messages, random “just to let you know I’m here” messages, and of course telephone conversations as often as possible. Not to mention video calls 😊


5. Be willing to compromise

Compromise is necessary for every relationship. But if you find yourself in a long-distance relationship, eventually there will be one major compromise from one of you because someday one will have to move to live with the other person.

Until then there will be a series of little compromises, such as rescheduling usual obligations or giving up on some hobbies so that you can make specific time for seeing each other.


Love has many challenges but if you find that special person who lives further away, don’t be quick to dismiss the chance to live happily ever after just because you don’t live in the same town at the moment. It’s better to have a special person at distance than someone not making you happy nearby.

For the right person, it’s worth to go to the end of the World. After all, home is where the heart is.

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