Powerful 15-minute Evening Body and Mind Cleansing Meditation

Meditations are not necessarily to be done in a strict lotus position to be effective. I find myself meditate even when I am sitting on the lakeshore or deep in the woods walking. Meditation can even be done at a workplace, providing that no one is disturbing you for a few minutes. What’s important is to calm down, breathe slowly and mindfully and just release attachments, expectations and let thoughts pass by.

After having a busy or stressful day, a good way to release stress-leftovers is by doing cleansing meditation. I do this type of meditation lying in my bed prior to falling asleep but it can be done in a classic sitting way as well. It is also a good way to fall asleep faster since this meditation calms the mind.


Meditation basics

Start meditation by taking a few deep breaths. Practice awareness that with each breath your mind and body is calming down. Since the mind is very powerful, each mental suggestion or statement will become your reality.

Mentally chose to release thoughts as they come, just let them pass by without grasping on them. If you had a hard day and stress is still hitting hard while you are unable to let go of what has happened, give yourself a mental order to let go of today’s events: I am now in my bed ready to sleep and rest. What happened today is in the past and I am unable to do absolutely nothing now, therefore I chose to let go of my anger/frustration/worry right this minute and I will deal with it tomorrow. Now is the time to rest and sleep. I release today’s event and surrender to my comfortable bed.


Cleansing mind and body meditation

After your mind has become stable, imagine a white light filling the room you are in and entering your body through the top of your head. As it fills in your head imagine how this light is cleansing every cell in your head and melts clusters of dark energies that were gathered due to stress and negative surrounding. Light dissolves clusters and they disappear.

After the head is cleansed, the white light continues to go down to your neck, shoulders, hands, chest, belly, hips and legs.

You can also imagine that the light is pushing clusters down as it moves toward your feet and when it reaches your feet the clusters exit through the skin falling down into the ground.

This all happens slowly and you feel all the dark, dirty and negative clusters going away. As it happens, a sense of deep peace and purity develops. Enjoy this pleasant energy of white light and your body and mind being light and purified.


 Advice applicable to all types of meditations

Try to keep in mind that successful meditation doesn’t have to be complicated. While you meditate only three things are important:

– To release thoughts as they come without grasping to them

– To center yourself with either watching your breath or watching the light cleansing your body

– Having a light approach with no expectation or rigorous attitude

As soon as you notice your mind has wandered off following a thought, acknowledge that it has happened and return to the object of your meditation. It will be happening a lot since the mind is designed that way. If your mind wanders off 100 times, return to meditation 101st. Keep trying because that is the key to having benefit from meditation.


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