Being Mentally Free – Tips To Gain Mental Freedom

Being Mentally Free - Tips To Gain Mental Freedom

What does it look like to be mentally entrapped? And why is it important to be mentally free?

Maybe you do not have mental freedom at the moment, but are not even aware of it. Most people carry a lot of mental load which is pulling them down and are not conscious about it.

Some of the signs that you are mentally entrapped:

  • You get up feeling heavy and unhappy
  • The thought of going to work or being in present relationship suffocates you
  • There is no joy in anything you do any more
  • You feel that you need a magic stick to make all your problems disappear instantly because you feel they are overloading you and you can’t deal with them any more

These can all be signs of depression, but also a lot of unresolved life issues can pull us down and make us feel like we are depressed. What is needed here is simply to start dealing with life’s problems, step by step, day after day. After all, problems that are bothering you most probably didn’t appear over night so you shouldn’t approach in dealing with them quickly either.


Tips to set yourself mentally free

Awareness about life’s problems

First of all, you cannot set yourself free from something if you don’t know what is bothering you. Becoming aware is the first major step in gaining mental freedom.

Some of the questions to help you raise your awareness:

  • Does your present relationship fulfill you?
  • Are you satisfied with your job?
  • Do you have a big debt that is bothering you?
  • Do you feel like you could get more out of life?

These are all major questions that could show you, if answered thoroughly, how you stand with mental freedom. Because if you answered “no” to first two questions and “yes” to last two, you are most probably not mentally free.

Making a plan to solve life’s problems

Second step would be to make a plan how to release yourself from the mental prison grip created by inadequate life’s conditions.

For example, big debt can have a big impact in subconscious level although at conscious level you might think nothing is bothering you. Although accepting your problem is of great help to ease the mental pressure (until you solve it), it always continues to create problems in subconscious level and the best way to become mentally free is to solve problem completely.

But you can’t just jump into solving your problems without a plan, otherwise one small slip and you are going to give up.

Just like any plan, problem solving plans should be approached like a project. No excuses, no delay, just hard work on an every day basis.

  • Debt? Start saving your money each and every day. No more excuses for spending money on unnecessary things. Spend only on things you absolutely need. Before you make impulse purchase, think twice and ask yourself “Do I really, actually need this?”
  • Bad relationship? Are you staying in this relationship because you are afraid of being alone? Are you in it for the money? Nothing in life is more important than inner peace and freedom. Don’t sell your soul for a better life standard so that in the end all it brings you is mental entrapment. It is better to be alone than in a bad relationship. Until someone worthy comes along, set yourself free from the one not worth of you.
  • Lousy job? Then start searching for a new one. And by that I don’t mean you should apply to two-three job ads and then quit. It should be active and fully devoted every day work until you find something better.


Sticking to a problem-solving plan

Now we come to the hardest part. If you are serious in solving your problems, you will have to work hard every single day.

To become mentally free, it requires affirmative and determined action on a daily basis. If you fail, that is ok. As long as you get up and start again and again, until you’ve reached your goal. The key point here is to never ever give. If you are determined to be free, you have to put active effort. They say “no pain, no gain”. Just think about what brought you to this unfortunate stage in the first place (most probably excuses and laziness).


If you want to be mentally free, you have to work on creating a life that is free. The power is in your hands. Make a decision to get out from the fortress of old habits that promote change postponement and step into a life of determination to solve problems so that you can start living free and happy.


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