Four Proven Ways to Successfully Relax After a Stressful Day

Stress is a natural part of our lives. Any stress in moderation is acceptable. But many of us are under constant stress and if it starts to build up, it can seriously hurt our health. That is why we need to grapple with it.

Here are four effective and highly recommendable proven ways to successfully remove stress.


1. Mindful breathing

This technique belongs to a meditation category, however mindful breathing is helpful no matter what position you are in (sitting, standing or lying down) as long as you concentrate on your breath and keep your attention there. It helps shifting your mind from stressful situations to something that is relaxing so that you can let go of stress.

It is enough to just concentrate on your breath coming in and out of your nostrils, or you can position your mind to another area of your breath like lungs or your belly going up and down.

What is important here is to keep your attention to breath for at least 10 minutes in a relaxing manner. Your mind will probably wonder off or even start going through a stressful situation all over again, but when you notice it happen simply return your focus on the breath. Keep doing it again and again. Make a decision to breathe mindfully for at least 10 minutes, but keep in mind the more you do it, the more you will be relaxed.

Keep your breath in a natural pace. You can willingly deepen your breath if you feel like it.


2. Hard workout

It is healthy to do some moderate exercise. However, to release stress a good hard workout can be of great help. I am talking here about something that will make you sweat and speed up your breathing.

Some of helpful and healthy workouts are swimming, bicycling or mountaineering, and for very healthy people jogging.

If you have health issues, this tip doesn’t apply to you. Instead try long walks.


3. Walk in the woods

Scientists at University of Stanford have shown in their study that spending time in nature is healthy and helpful for stress issues. People who spend at least 90 minutes walking in the woods showed significant reduction of excessive thought patterns connected to anxiety and depression disorders.

Long before this study ever came out, my own personal 20+ year experience in mountaineering showed that this is absolutely true. Not only is it healthy from a physical point of view, but it also does an amazing impact on the brain.


4. Bubble bath (or a long hot shower)

Many people avoid bubble baths because they are time consuming, but if you want a great and cheap way to de-stress, I’d suggest taking a half hour bubble bath for health reasons.

It helps soothe muscle tension and removes all build up stress. During my bath tub seance, I love to listen to some nice relaxing music with lavender candle burning because it additionally relaxes me.


Stress is something that none of us can avoid at some point. Sooner or later we are all under some kind of stress. That is why it is important to take an active approach to remove its leftovers after it’s been finished, otherwise our system will gradually become overloaded with stress and its effect on our mind and body which in the end can seriously affect our health.


Tip: Any relaxation method for stress relief should always be done with mindful attention. That way you will not let your thoughts scatter around and possibly get lost in redoing stressful situation in your head again.


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