Don’t Give People Power Over You If You Want To Be Peaceful And Happy

What does it mean to give people power over us? When we feel happy or sad because of someone’s behavior, it means they have some kind of power over us. But truth be told, this happens only because we let others have power over us.

This can apply to any person in our lives: a partner, a boss, a colleague, a neighbor, a friend, parents, etc. Why do we have so much ups and downs because of people? We let them influence us because we want to be loved and accepted to feel good. But people tend to act completely different from what we expect due to their bad sides and there we are, unhappy and disappointed with people’s reactions.

So, what would be the perfect scenario? Never live to please other or to be pleased by others to create your own happiness. Instead, focus on your own mental and physical improvement so that you can be proud of yourself and love yourself the way you are. If you live to be fulfilled by others, you will always be disappointed and unhappy.


How to stop giving people power over us

We are all basically alike in our need to be loved and accepted by others. However, we should develop constant awareness about where we are in terms of our happiness and peace of mind regarding others’ influence on us.

Question your mental attitude all the time

Can someone in your life make you feel incredibly good and get you out of your funky state? On the other hand, can that person also destroy your good feeling with their actions and make you feel lousy for the rest of the day even though you felt good up to that point? That means you are giving that person too much power over you. If you want to stop being dependent on that person for your happiness and sorrow this is the time you should completely become aware what is going on and make a decision to stop letting that person have power over you.

Practice loving and accepting yourself endlessly

With previous conclusion being made, you need to start practicing self-acceptance and endless love for yourself so that you can start creating your own happiness and peace of mind. Others are just your traveling companions in this life and they should serve to enrich your life, not to make it complete or fulfilled.

Lower your expectations in others

If you expect people to make you happy and fulfilled, that means you are shallow and insecure person who needs to seriously start self-change.

Ideally you should focus on your own well-being and force yourself to progress in all areas so that you can become complete and developed person. If you fail at first, it is OK. You are only human and keep trying until making a progress or succeeding.


Conclusion to our own happiness lies in making ourselves happy and fulfilled. Others will only be able to influence us as much as we allow them to. Stop letting people determine your inner state of mind. It is not their purpose but your own.

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