Release these 3 things if you want to be happy

Release these 3 things if you want to be happy

Everyone wants to be happy. But how many of us are actually taking active approach to make it happen? And even better question, how many of us are deliberately doing things which make us unhappy?

Our way of thinking is mostly programmed in our childhood, influenced by our families and society. The truth is when we grow up, we kind of continue living on auto pilot, applying all the thought patters which we grew up with.

The bad news is, we all have certain amount of negativity which is ruining our happiness. The good news is, it can all be changed.

Over the years I’ve realized few very important thought patterns learned in childhood that can seriously ruin the quality of our lives unless we do something to change it.

Here are three things that I learned should be released to let happiness develop.


Deliberately nurturing negative thinking

Are you active in spotting your negative vs. positive thought patterns? This is very important because there is no way you can stop negative thinking if you are unaware of it.

I would suggest to start analyzing your every day state of mind and see when you are happy or unhappy and what thoughts are causing it.

For example, you may have problems falling asleep every night. If you start analyzing what possible problem is, you may come to a conclusion that watching news every evening disturbs you in a way that you become angry (all those no-good politicians are not doing their jobs but are taking your tax money). Can you actually do anything about it if you watch the news? Or would it be a better idea to stop watching the news and instead listen to some relaxing music or watch a comedy? I would say this is a classic example of nurturing negativity which only disturbs and in a long run doesn’t do any good.

That is why we should always watch out for our thoughts and replace or abandon negativity because happiness can be achieved only if we nurture it.


Caring what other people think

Another sneaky thought pattern but necessary to abandon so that happiness can develop. If you constantly bother with other people’s opinion about you, it is actually very exhausting. What you want to do here is first think about why you care so much about it. If it is validation you are looking for to feel happy or fulfilled, let me stop you right here and now. You can NEVER be happy if you are leaning on other people’s opinion and approval. So, stop it immediately and think about what you can do to improve yourself so that YOU will feel good about yourself.

The bottom line is that only we have the key to our happiness, and it does not involve making others proud, happy, fulfilled, etc.


Passing through life unaware

The awareness I am talking about here is mainly referred to not being objective what our lives are really like. For example, I’ve met a lot of people who have so much to be happy about but for some reason they are focusing only on the negative sides of their lives. If they have good jobs and healthy families, they will only see how they don’t have a dream house someone else has and will let it be a reason for their misery.

Passing through life being unaware is a sure recipe for unhappiness if you don’t count your blessings but only your failures or flaws.

Life has good and bad sides, one day is sunny and another rains. But that doesn’t mean we can’t find something good in each situation. But we must be aware in each moment of our lives how we feel.


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