2 Buddhist wisdom to cure depression successfully

2 Buddhist Wisdom To Cure Depression

People dealing with depression often try finding a way out through unconventional ways when conventional therapy fails to help. Personally, I managed to cure depression solely through spirituality – to be particular through Buddhist wisdom.

Although there are many teachings that Buddhism has which can help any problem, including depression, here I explain two very important teachings which were very helpful to me in transforming depression into a meaningful state of mind.

Understanding Karma

Karma is a universal law which causes every positive deed to produce a positive result and every negative deed to produce a negative result. It is applied to every aspect of our lives: the way we treat others and ourselves, the way we react, learn, love, hate, etc. It is not a law governed by any being and it is in direct correlation with our behavior. That means that we are completely responsible for our Karmic effect since we caused present state of mind and body to be just as it is with our own action.

And now we are coming to the center point of this story – with all being said it suggests depression is also a result of our Karma. This means that we can stop being victims and lose ourselves in self-pity or hate toward the World. Above all it means we have caused our own depression with some “negative deed” in the past and now we are going through its consequences.


During depression have you ever felt like this state is going to last forever? Consequently, it made your depression feel even worse? That is because people tend to grasp on life and everything happening as eternal, never changing and independent from everything else.

Impermanence is also one of very important Buddhist teachings that points out how everything in this Universe is changing and therefore we should accept it as such. Why then holding on to your depression as permanent? It, too, will pass.


Everything passes, and so does depression. But with holding on to it as something permanent, we give it the power to hold us in its hands even stronger. Releasing our own grip to it will ease its effect on us.

Both teachings are best to be contemplated on so that we can change our views and approaches to life. It will help us to start shifting our perspective on depression:

– Karma Wisdom will make us see that we are not victims of depression but rather the creators and now is the time to start acting in a positive way to get rid of it.

– Impermanence Wisdom will help us lose our own attachment to depressive state, since everything is ever changing and so is depression.



Note: If you are suffering from serious depression with suicidal thoughts, do not wait any further and seek for professional help immediately. This article is not written to encourage anyone to stop conventional medicine or therapy, it is only my attempt to encourage others to find their own cure by telling my personal story.


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