Personal development for a happier self

Personal development for a happier self

Most people completely neglect their general mental state. Judging by my friends, family and colleagues, I don’t see many people who ponder inside the self to see what needs to be removed, replaced or implemented. It seems like there is still very little work in personal development area. People are unhappy but they are not dealing with their unhappiness. People have many flaws but don’t do any work to make a change and increase the quality of their lives.

What kind of person are you? Are you a kind, loving, patient person? Or maybe verbally aggressive, lazy or negative? Are you dealing with some mental challenge like anxiety or depression? If the answer is yes to any of the last two questions, some personal development methods would do good to you.

People tend to invest a lot into their education and physical health, but very little in mental development. Although both of the first two are very important, I believe the most important investment is in our mindset change and development. As a person who struggled with depression and anxiety and is now happy and fulfilled, I can most certainly say that my effort to make a self-change was the best investment I’ve ever done. It didn’t happen over night but gradually I started replacing negative aspects of my personality with positive. I learned what doesn’t work for me and then made a great effort to find alternative.

A simple example would be general negativity. Once I realized I tend to see more negative than positive in the World and around me, I became aware I should practice awareness and see what really is happening – that I have much more positive in my life than negative. Next step was practicing gratefulness for each positive thing I had. The result is now me being happier and more positive person.

How to initiate and stick to personal development

Some of the useful steps to define personal state and initiate self-change are:

  1. Realizing what doesn’t work for you (a.k.a. what habits, beliefs and actions you are using that keep you from being happy)
  2. Exploring in the sea of methods and finding the most suitable method for you
  3. Committing to progress and sticking to the method


I guess most people get stuck on the first step. Pondering inside and being able to realize what specifically is the problem becomes an obstacle to actually realizing the problem because it can become too painful. But there is no other way in personal development. You must be able to recognize what is bugging you so that you can undertake appropriate action. No matter how hard this step becomes, it is absolutely necessary and try to stick to finding out until the end. Otherwise, you will give up before you even began anything.

After realizing what the problem is, you can now hit that good old search button in any of the browsers you have. My most favorite searching is “How to…”. It is best to just explore without any expectation. The right method will show up when least expected.

Finally, after finding a method, no progress can be done unless you are committed and consistent. I myself tried many methods and although it is OK to explore until you find something that works, don’t forget that trying something for few days and then quitting doesn’t make much sense. Nothing works after only few days, it takes a certain amount of time to see results.


My personal development successful methods recommendation

My top recommendation for personal development is books and meditation. It is free (especially if you are a public library member), easily accessible and interesting.

While you can learn how to meditate in books as well, I would personally recommend to join a group where you can learn how to meditate properly and gain consistency.

Not every book you read will transform your life. But the more you read, the greater are the chances you will find something that will work for you.


Go inside yourself, deal with what you find and start healing, reorganizing and reprogramming your mind. In the end you will realize you can be free and happy. But the key is your own will and work. What you invest in yourself will get back to you in a form of happiness and freedom. Only you can free yourself from the chains of unhappiness and let yourself out in the light.

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