The importance of silence

The importance of silence

Stop right now for a moment and listen. What sounds surround you? Do you listen to loud music or is the TV on? Are the noises comfortable?

In today’s fast paced living conditions, our minds are flooded with all kinds of stressful contents and we often don’t detect high volume noises around us. Unfortunately, it also creates a certain amount of stress to us.

I have a friend who turns TV or radio on as soon as she walks into her house because she can’t stand the silence. Looking at her from a neutral point, I see a person who needs outside stimulants to shake away inner disturbance. I’d say she hasn’t realized yet that silence after a hard, stressful day would benefit her much more than news coming out from a TV.

I’ve become aware of silence and its benefits when I started meditating. At first it was frustrating and uncomfortable to sit without any noise around me. I would then search for some noise no matter what it was: a clock’s ticking or listening to cars driving in the distance. But after a while, as my meditation progressed, I learned to listen to the silence and saw it for what it really was – a healing method.

Sitting in silence and letting it penetrate my mind and body made me so rested and relaxed that after a while I would feel like I had a good, long nap.

It takes time to get used to silence. At first it can be disturbing, especially to people who have a lot of negative thoughts or emotions and loud noises are a way to create diversion to run away from them.


Ways to make the most out of silence

When you are in a silent surrounding, try to just release your thoughts and be still.

Being in the nature and listening to its silence has the most benefits. If you have a chance, go to a park or somewhere in the woods. The sounds of the sea are also one of the best sounds for rest and relaxation. I would also recommend mountaineering because being at the top of a mountain and listening only to the wind and birds has a very powerful effect on us.

When you find yourself anywhere in the nature in silence, try to remember that it is a very precious time. Don’t waste your time chatting about unimportant things. Just breathe, let go and give into silence. Let it settle down your fast racing thoughts in you.


Benefits of regular abiding in silence

After a while, you will notice that your thoughts will not run your life any more. Instead, you will be able to think more clearly without much effort.

If you feel like you are in a swirl all the time, dwelling in a mindful silence will settle you down and you will feel like sailing on a peaceful ocean.

Let abiding in silence become your lifestyle. Your life will be better if you spend it in mindful silence instead of being hectic all the time. After a while, it will bring serenity, peace and freedom, but the key point is to make silence your everyday companion.


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