How to be happy

What does it mean for you to be happy? How can you be happy and can you be happy even when clouds appear covering the sun?

Each person in this planet knows the word “happiness” and strives to be happy. But to achieve this state, it is important to first define what happiness is for us.

What is happiness

If we long to be happy through material things or expect others to make us happy, we are doomed to failure right in the beginning. It should be obvious but to many people it is not that happiness cannot last if it is clinging to ever changing and unstable things.

Can we really be happy only if someone makes us happy? Than there is something seriously wrong with us. “You make me complete” is a deadly thought. Happiness starts in our own mind and from our self-worth and self-esteem. If we don’t have it, we should build it.

The same goes with material things. Having money and status is ok today. But it can completely be gone tomorrow, then what?

Happiness is something that should start with us. It starts with the man in the mirror and that man can make happiness happen.

There are a lot of things that fall under category of happiness. Happy people are content with their lives, can enjoy rain as much as sun because they see good in everything. There is a peace of mind always present in a happy mind.

To be happy is to:

  • Have inner peace
  • Be grateful
  • Accept good and bad aspects of life

Everything else is just an upgrade to happiness. We will have ups and downs but if we work on three aspects mentioned in previous paragraph, we will be able to consider ourselves genuinely happy.


Inner peace

Whatever we experience, we should always remember that inner peace is more important than to react and lose that peace. Is it worth to quarrel and prove we are right? In case we make our point, what is the damage? Most probably we got upset, our heart raced and our blood pressure increased which can ruin our health. That is just one of thousands of possible scenarios where we can lose inner peace and ruin our life’s quality by reacting.

It is not easy to remain calm and remember to keep inner peace untouched. But we sure need to strive for it, since inner peace is an integral part of being happy.



We tend to concentrate on what we don’t have and then it just makes us unhappy. Of course, we will never be able to have it all. But we sure have a lot of things that we are not even aware of (and that many other people in the world long for). Becoming aware of the positive aspects of our lives and practicing gratefulness will surely increase our happiness. It means shifting focus from negative to positive.



At first you may not agree but acceptance is very important for happiness.

Imagine all those pesky little annoying situations that we cannot avoid no matter how much we want to. They can be a great source of unhappiness. A situation here, a situation there and you see your life as full of annoying people and unpleasant situations. Sure, we would be happiest if we only had perfect people and perfect situations in our lives. But that is mission impossible.

So best thing would be to accept what we can’t change or escape from. That will ensure negative aspects to decrease their impact on us and it will open a way to nurturing positive aspects that bring happiness.


Don’t ever base your happiness on a person or a material possession as they are all very fragile and impermanent. Only your own mind is the base for creating happiness. What you implement in your mind and how you think is the key to happiness.

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