Creative visualization vs. Karma

In my 20 yearlong practice of creative visualization, I’ve come to an undeniable conclusion that creative visualization as a tool to attracting positive events really works. Even at the beginning of this year I was visualizing myself sitting at a new workplace, seeing myself content and with a piece of paper in front of me that says “monthly payout – xxx amount”. Few months later I got the job I am content with and after probation work, I got almost the exact amount I saw on the paper (to be precise I got 2 percent more).

This is no news to me as I have been using this technique for a long time and it worked very well so far.


There are few things I absolutely never got no matter how much I put my time and energy into visualizing it.

This is most clearly to me a sign that Karma is at work.


Is Karma more powerful than creative visualization?

I would say creative visualization is a very powerful technique. However, we can’t get absolutely everything in the World. There are things we need to go through because of Karma which is the law of cause and effect and it will not be avoided by visualizing other kind of outcome. Something in the past (life or lives) produced the events that are happening today. Our present situation is the result of our past decisions and actions. That means that there are things we cannot avoid and it will happen no matter how hard we creatively visualize something good to happen instead.

So, why creative visualization then, right?

It is in our nature to strive for a better life. We will always keep trying to improve the quality of our lives in one way or the other. By creatively visualizing for better things in life, we may attract positive outcome. But it will only be dependable on the nature of our Karma.


Important warning

It is important to be careful what we visualize and how much. It is easy to get greedy which is a form of creating negative Karma again.

For sure creative visualization will work, but most important thing is to set boundaries and take responsibility for what and how much we want.

If you listen to New Age philosophers and influencers, they will say that there are no limits to creating by visualization as there is enough for everyone. This is a dangerous premise because you can become constantly needy for more and more.

Remember, creative visualization should involve only wishing good things. By trying to hurt others, it will only get back at you as a boomerang and it will be the direct effect of bad Karma. Old saying “what goes around comes around” is the perfect explanation how Karma works. So, it is also important to be careful how our creative visualization is set. Is it helpful to me and others? Is it greedy or do I wish for having no more than I need?

Before we begin wishing for something else, we should practice gratitude for what we have now.

In the end, it is important to accept the fact that creative visualization might not work, and it is ok. Nonetheless, striving for better things is natural and we should always do it, but with a clear positive intention and firm boundaries to avoid becoming dependent on the fact that we can get absolutely anything we want.

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