PMS – how to ease the effect

Every month there is at least a week of irritated mood and depression-like state that I go through due to PMS. Every woman is different and not every month is the same in terms of number of symptoms and intensity. Although it cannot be stopped, there are ways to ease the effects.

Mindful observation

Luckily, after I’ve started practicing mindful living, I recognize symptoms immediately which is important to start applying proper treatments. When we “catch” it acting up, we can observe it as a state and not fall into a trap “what is wrong with me”.

Separating ourselves from PMS is beneficial. That way we will be able to act appropriately instead of impulsively.


Once we acknowledged we are in this state, the next step would be acceptance. Yes, I am presently in this state and yes, I am feeling lousy, depressed, sad, moody,etc. It will pass so I will just go through it and accept that it is here now.

Moderation of physical exercise and proper dieting

Even little changes in lifestyle can ease the PMS condition. For example, I’ve noticed that even half hour of brisk walking is helpful. And if you have the opportunity to walk in nature like near sea or in the forests it will double the effect.

As for dieting, anything that irritates should be avoid such as excessive caffeine or too much salty food. Nothing has to be cut out, just reduce the amount.

Instead of whining about feeling miserable, put the remote on the table and scrap yourself off the couch. Nowadays anyone has music on our smarties so put headphones on and do that half hour brisk walking in the neighborhood.

Mindset for PMS times

I used to react much worse in my PMS period because when it hit me, I wasn’t aware of it.Even if I became aware, I was still feeling very bad because I couldn’t separate myself from it. Having it meant being labeled as moody, by myself and others. Now I just go through it knowing it is here and if I do have some reaction, I immediately practice awareness so that I can catch the reaction before it happens.

Whatever state we are currently in, if we fight it in a way that we deny or try to run away from it will only bite harder. Same goes with premenstrual syndrome. Accepting that we are currently depressed or moody which is a part of premenstrual syndrome and being mindful about it will stop it from developing into deeper problem. Instead we will just walk it off and not add additional sorrow to it.

PMS doesn’t have to be awful. If we apply proper treatment (as described above) we can go through by greatly decreasing symptoms.

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