Mindset Change: Never give up

Mindset change project - never give up

As I am a firm devotee to a personal development which I call a Mindset Change Project and have been doing it for over 20 years, I came across many pitfalls in my lifetime that made things difficult. Life is not easy and more often than not we have problems that come across. Those problems sometimes become so heavy we just give up doing something we know is good for us or kill our passionate interest.


“Never give up” policy

Never give up policy should be applied to everything that we make decision to do, especially our interests where we are passionate about. But to avoid the possibility of being fed up and quitting for good, I am more prone to picking one or maximum two projects and then sticking to them. Otherwise when it gets too hard, we might fall and give up on everything.

How to never give up tips

Pick a project where you are most passionate about in making a change

Personal development has endless possibilities. It can be a huge project like becoming happy or something smaller like a one step forward thing where you know your procrastination of everyday chores makes you unhappy so you would like to stop procrastinating.

Your project can either include something that annoys you so much you want to get rid of by all costs or something you are excited about and would love to make it a part of your life.

Practice awareness

Either way, it is very important to do it with your full attention. This means you have to practice awareness all day long and examine in what situations you start falling.

When you see what situations are your traps, again full awareness should be pointed in that direction. You can’t beat the enemy if you don’t know what it is.

If you fall, pick yourself up and start again

This is my favorite part of Mindset Change Project. I give myself permission to fall but not to give up. Yes, falling/quitting is as natural to us humans as breathing. But giving up for good should not be.

Falling is actually a good thing here. You learn where you are weak and what else is necessary to implement into your life to move forward. Contemplate on your fall and see all the little downsides to it: why you fell and how it can be avoided in the future.

Try over and over again

It is said if you are repeating something for 21 days, it will become a habit. Personally, I haven’t tried this exact number but I know that some things get into habit much faster while others take much longer than 21 days.

The point is to keep repeating your practice constantly, and I don’t mean only once a day for few weeks. To see a personal change, 24/7 attention is necessary.

For example, I practice mindfulness all day long. From the time I open my eyes and throughout the day until I lay in bed at night, I try to constantly be aware. This awareness is useful to see my feelings, my behavior and my thoughts so that I can evaluate where I can make improvements and then work on them.


It seems hard to work so much on your own mindset change. I must say it is not possible to always be 100% committed because life throws all kinds of situations unexpectedly which must be dealt. Ideally even in tough situations we could learn something and train ourselves but I know it often is not possible. So best to do then is just go through it, do what is necessary and then get back to your own project.

Ultimately, we should be able to go through unexpected and tough situations without a problem as well and that would be a true success of Mindset Change Project.

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