How to know if you are spiritually (or mentally) evolved

I have a good friend who is claiming to be highly evolved person. He is happy, he is not pulled in with material world because he knows the true meaning of happiness. His friends don’t understand him so more and more people are falling out of his life… because he is mentally and spiritually evolved and they are not.  But when I confronted him and started telling him that all I see is a big ego in a mind that knows some truth and thinks that truth is the absolute truth, he became annoyed and started to justify himself. The more our conversation was progressing, the more I realized his mentality and spirituality is far from evolved.

I am not highly evolved person but I have been around some of them and here is what I realized how spiritually advanced people think and act.


Small ego

We all have ego, and thus evolved people have it too. But in comparison to ours, their ego is very small. On the contrary, you will notice that those people think more about others than they think about themselves.

If you confront a spiritual person, he will reply with a smile and will not let you pull him in the negativity. Most of those who think they are evolved will say: “I know better than anyone else, just listen to me because I am above others”. Needless to say, these words speak for themselves. No spiritual dimension there, only ego.


Spiritually evolved person doesn’t spread “wisdom” all over the place

Those who think are higher beings will spread their wisdom all the time and say their truth is the only truth. Often, they will talk as if they know it all and even without being asked for an opinion. And when people move away from them, their interpretation will be that it’s their superiority that is the reason.

Spiritual person will give wisdom only when asked. When they do it, you will have a feeling of lightness and happiness because there will be nothing forced upon.


If they have negativity thrown in their face, they will remain cool and untouched

This is one of the best clues the person is highly evolved. I am not talking about someone who temporarily remains cool or wants to act as calm although you see they are upset. What I mean here is complete absence of stress and negativity that you can feel is not there, not even a drop.

People who can see the truth on a deeper level have no need to respond to anyone’s provocations or any sort of negativity.


Basically, the same goes with mentally evolved people although they might be annoyed at some point because they handle their mentality just like most of us – on a psychological level which is prone to ego traps much more than in spiritually evolved person.

Mentally evolved person can be anyone if they work hard enough on themselves. Spiritually evolved on the other hand is much harder to accomplish. So next time someone says they are spiritually superior, be sure to thoroughly examine that person, look into what they are saying and how they say it. Most importantly, what their lives look like as a result of their spiritual evolution.


How to become mentally / spiritually evolved person

As for becoming one, we can all start with evolving mentally by practicing several things:

  • Self-reflection – constantly examine where we are at the moment and what we can do to correct ourselves to become better people
  • Compassion and loving kindness – stop being so self-centered and give more to others
  • Calmness and mindfulness – when we ground ourselves and center, we will notice our life’s quality will improve
  • Seeing the bigger picture – practice awareness that life is not all about material things and status but it is so much more
  • Gratefulness
  • Modesty


This is just few basics we can incorporate into our lives to start evolving mentally. It is also a great base to start spiritual evolution, but first things first 😊


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