Three Buddhist life changing teachings

After discovering Buddhism, my life changed 180 degrees. It might seem weird, stupid or false, but the truth is – I stopped being depressed and anxious after I started studying and practicing Buddhism.

On the outside Buddhism may seem like a rigorous and confusing religion with a lot of explanations about suffering, self and existence in general. However, studying it thoroughly from true Buddhist teachers made me realize some things that no other religion teaches.

Although it has many teachings that can alter one’s life, there are three teachings that are important to mention here which I call life changing. They are: Karma, Rebirths and Mindfulness.



Karma is described as the law of cause and effect. Knowing Karma means knowing that everything happening to you at the moment makes perfect sense because it is a result of some previous action. What ever is happening to you at the moment, something in the past is the cause of it.

Why is it life changing teaching?

It describes how our actions today will make some result in the future. Good actions will produce good results. Needless to say, bad actions will produce bad results. This means you should take full responsibility for your actions. Also, it means you are not the victim in your life because Karma is personal and no one else’s actions can create your own misery. Only you can.


Also popularly known as reincarnations, this life important aspect describes our own will to live which pushes us (together with Karmic power) from life to life. We are reborn over and over again because we want to live and exist.

Why is it life changing teaching?

Rebirths are not caused by someone else (i.e. some higher power persona). It is our own decision and will to live that pushes us to existence. We want to love, reproduce, create… we want to be. Knowing this means we are again taking responsibility for our lives making them complete and meaningful.


To be mindful means to always be present in the now completely aware of what is happening. When doing something, mindful presence should be applied because it means we are spending our present time fulfilled knowing where we are and what we are doing.

How many times have you done something and after you finished it, there was a time gap because you finished it without any awareness? For example, driving from point A to point B and after finishing the drive you have no idea how you got to point B. Mindfulness teaches us not to live life unaware.

Why is it life changing teaching?

Mindfulness will ground you. It will make you completely aware of how you react in any given moment. With previous two teachings in mind, you will do the right thing in the present moment (there will be less “I wish I had done it when I had a chance.” or “I wish I had done it differently.”).


It might be a little challenging to read this post if you don’t believe in reincarnation or your faith is mostly relied on higher power governing your life. It is not my intention to change anyone’s beliefs. I am talking here about my beliefs that made my life completely different and made my depression and anxiety go away. And I do believe higher powers exists, I just give myself much more value and power in creating my own life.

I used to feel so unhappy not knowing the reason behind my sorrow. But when I learned that I am my own creator through my mind, I stopped being depressed and worried! Why would I be when I know now that it all starts and ends with me. I should choose my thoughts and create something good with them. If I nurture negative thoughts, they will cause more negative events to happen in the future.

Worry (anxiety) doesn’t make a sense if you adopt these principles. Things will happen no matter how much you try to “control” them with your anticipation.

Basically, this works on any life’s problematic thought pattern. Being aware that you are the creator and that it all comes from within you gives the power to your life. Mindful presence will make you always be aware how you feel and if you slip into negativity, the knowledge about cause and effect law will quickly pull you back up. That is the incredible power of these three teachings.


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