Mindset Change Project

Being a person who has once hit a rock bottom due to anxiety and depression, I am now a firm believer each person can and should change their mindset. I know it is possible because I did it. I am talking about turning the course of thinking and feeling for 180 degrees.

It is not easy and most probably some of you who are reading this now may have desire to stop reading this post, however I urge you not to do that. If you think you are having a hard time while you have tried “everything“, try to see that it is not true. Otherwise you would have already turned 180 degrees and stopped feeling so lousy.

If you are unhappy, you haven’t done everything that can be done.

Mindset change

I have met many people who told me “I am who I am, I can’t change”. Even to this day I get into discussion with these people although I know there is not much point to it. I tell them “It is not true. You CAN change, you just don’t want to put effort”. Then they start giving me all kinds of excuses like they don’t have time, they are too old, they have problems like no one else… People are very creative when it involves finding excuses.

Mindset is a vast variety of thinking and feeling patterns each one of us have. It started developing in the earliest childhood and it actually never stops developing, forming and changing. With aging we have a feeling it stopped at some point in our lives. But we continue to change no matter how little it is.

Just like we put effort into buying beautiful clothes, watch out for our diet to eat healthier and exercise to feel and look good, we should also put effort to make sure our mind is set properly. For me setting my mind straight is the most important thing because I know everything in my life starts and ends with my mind so it is important that it is at the right place. I nurture it with love and care because I want to feel good and happy, just like someone else nurtures and cares for their body to look good.

That is why I like to call Mindset Change a project. Full attention should be given to it.

If we work on our mindset every day, it will surely give results. But to make some results, the best thing to do is pick an issue we would like to deal with and then work on it day after day. For example, if we want to become more organized, we should first make a plan what should be done and then set our minds to stick to the plan. Most probably we will fail to be organized at first, that is why we should practice becoming organized. Nothing happens over night. Attention to this project should be made every day from morning to night, watching our pitfalls and celebrating our successes. If we failed at staying organized one day, we should evaluate why we failed and with that in mind continue working on becoming more organized the next day.

The same applies with absolutely anything else. When I was depressed and anxious, I was determined to get out of it and find a cure. At some point with my problems being overwhelming I temporarily gave up the search, but I never quit completely. As soon as I felt better, I again continued to try all sorts of methods to help myself.

Mindset Change is a lifelong Project

Three things are important: put your mind into change mode, always keep going and never give up.

Mindset Change is very much prone to giving up because it is easier that way. Mind fights any change because it is used to its way of thinking and feeling. Whatever we decide to work on, mind will fight against it. But never forget it is mind’s trick to make you believe it cannot change. It can, it just takes time.

So, pick a subject you would like to work on and start your Mindset Change Project. Work on it every day with full attention and constant effort. Observe your thoughts and reactions.

Mindset change is possible, it just takes time and effort.

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