How to deal with negativity around us

Negativity is everywhere. It is a natural part of our existence. However, the real challenge lies in not giving into the negativity.

I am one of those types of people who above all loves and cherishes her peace of mind. When I have someone or something ruining my balance, I tend to search for a quick way out. However, it cannot be always done. Sometimes negativity can’t be avoided no matter how much we try.

Over the years I’ve come up with few suitable methods on shaking of that annoying negativity, be it from people, political situation or disturbing personal situations.

Press „ignore“ in your head

This is my first line of defense. When I get into the conversation with a negative or annoying person, I tend to press „ignore“ over and over in my head. A polite smile and occasional nod will do the trick – a person will think you are listening and by doing it you won’t be rude.

Stop listening/reading the news

Another awesome tool to stop feeding on negativity is reducing the news feed. I’ve never been fond of following the news because it tends to be 99% negativity. My furthest reach is scanning the mobile news app just to generally get the idea what is going on and not be completely uninformed. And it is not something I do every day.


Those of you who read my previous posts, you can see how this topic is often mentioned on my blog. Acceptance is a great tool and it will lead to peace of mind if used properly.

Acceptance is not blindly ignoring everything or settling for whatever is the issue. It mainly means stop struggling with present situation. For example, if I find myself in a company of an annoying person at some private event, I can’t just pick myself up and leave when the person starts with their annoying talk. What I do is I accept that I found myself in that situation and tell myself „OK, this situation has to be endured for a polite period of time“. I accept that this person is annoying for some reason. And after the reasonable period of time is over, I excuse myself and go away.

If I didn’t accept the situation, I would probably start feeling all those negative emotions like anger, resentment, cynicism, etc. Instead, by accepting the situation I ease my own experience and make it lighter.

Are you in negativity mode?

I have few persons very close to me who are very negative and they are not aware of it. In fact, they probably think they are OK.

Negativity includes a variety of things like thinking negatively about others and talking about them in a very judgmental way. On the other hand, those persons don’t let anyone say anything bad to them. If you asked me this is also one of harder negativism to deal with.

Personally, I use Acceptance and Ignore button on these types of people but I tend to switch the subject whenever possible because negative people tend to go on and on about other people’s flaws.

We all tend to be negative here and there. The real question here is: How much negative are you and are you aware that you are negative?

Removing self-negativity

Let’s be fair. If you notice negativity in other people, it would only be fair to start observing yourself if you hadn’t started already. I am doing self-evaluation every day and I practice removing negativity whenever possible.

Always practice awareness and self-evaluation

If we are going to do anything with the quality of our lives, awareness is the first and most important thing to be able to detect negativity in us and around us. Like I said, few very close people to me are extremely negative but I am sure they think they are not at all negative. To detect our own negativity requires practice of awareness and to admit and start working on removing it requires self-evaluation.

Let’s all start making this world a better place to live by starting to work on our own state of mind.

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