Acceptance vs. making changes

The question that has been bothering me ever since I first entered my depression phase is how many life’s circumstances can we actually change and how many we simply have to accept because we can’t change them? Debating this question with people made me conclude there are two types of people:

  • Those who believe destiny is a higher power’s force and it is what it is, no point in struggle because nothing can be done to change
  • Those who believe we have our lives in our hands and we can change everything

My personal belief is somewhere in between.

I am totally convinced that we can change our circumstances and that our mind’s power is strong. However, I also believe in Karma (a universal law of cause and effect) and it explains to me why some circumstances can be changed with the mind’s power and others cannot be changed no matter what is undertaken and for how long we are trying to change it. Also, nothing stays the same forever in our lives and new circumstances coming our way are inevitable.

By observing this phenomenon throughout the years, my personal conclusion is that we can change a lot of things and attract positive outcome with our positive thinking, however we can’t get it all.

Sometime in our past or in our previous lives we made some actions which can be classified as good or bad. With that being done, the results of those actions will start ripening sometime and we don’t know when. So, when we find ourselves in a certain circumstance, I would say it is a result of some previous action. And how changeable or unchangeable it is, depends on the karma factor.

About 16 years ago I did an experiment. That was the time when I first learned about creative visualization so I wanted to test it. Just a test, no strings attached (hey, what do I have to lose, right?). I started visualizing few things which were: having my own place to live in, a car, more money and a trip to a distant country. I got a raise which was initiated by my boss all by himself four months after I started visualizing more money, my company sent me to a one-month trip to London 9 months after start of visualization, and within two years I moved to my own place and bought a car. It was a pretty successful experiment, don’t you think?

So, I got my proof that mental attraction works, however things in life change and nothing stays the same forever. After some years, we find ourselves in a new situation where we have to change something else again. It happens pretty much all of our lives.

That is why acceptance plays a big role in our lives. Changes are pretty much possible but at some point, chasing the change to happen becomes annoying, so I realized that acceptance is a great way to find the peace of mind. We simply have to go through some things and by accepting it is so, we become more peaceful.

Acceptance vs making a change are too codependent factors and the key point here is balance. By that I mean that firstly it is important to accept our lives the way they are right now. It will give us a more stable mental focus and peace of mind. If we don’t accept our lives, we will lose a lot of energy by being unhappy or bitter. With acceptance we can focus more easily on enjoying the present moment and also to see more clearly where we want to go with our lives. At the same time we can work on the change but never losing acceptance from sight.

Depression and acceptance? That used to be a big challenge for me. Looking back on that period, I didn’t even know what acceptance was at the time. All I wanted was to make my miserable state of mind stop. Now when I find myself being down, first thing I apply is acceptance: “Yes, I am feeling low now. Yes, I am feeling down because of this or that reason.” Surprisingly, it goes away much faster (and it actually goes away, unlike in the past where depression was with me 24/7).

The reason why I am writing this post is because the concept of acceptance is much harder for me than undertaking everything to make a change. But I realized in the last few years that acceptance is a very powerful tool. That is why I focus on practicing acceptance while I still do everything in my power to create a life of happiness and freedom with my own mental power.

Powerful affirmation for acceptance is I accept things / people / circumstances as they are.

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