Depression – a common problem in modern societies and few approaches to its healing

If you suffer from depression or are just generally feeling down, do you ever think about why you are depressed?  What would your main reason for depressed state be?  A lack of money or a lousy job? Is it maybe that you feel like life has no higher purpose or that you would be happy only if you had that one thing which you don’t have right now?

When I was depressed I was very much closed inside my head. In my mind I was constantly going through all the “bad” things that were happening to me. As I started to work on my mind, I also began to observe other people, especially those who live in third World countries. Since I like watching documentaries, I got a lot of information there. It helped me to look at the bigger picture and it started to change my life perspective.

Do you ever think about how many people live in cozy houses or flats and have a safe environment where they can be themselves? How many people work in normal conditions without being abused or exploited? How many people have access to water and food? How many children have possibility to have formal education? How many people live in war free zones? How many women are allowed to be themselves and to choose freely who they will marry and how they will live their lives? How many people have access to healthcare?  Do you know that there are still some areas on planet Earth where people get leprosy? Do you know that there are a lot of people in the world who don’t have normal indoor bathrooms and toilets? Do you think that most of the people have what you have or just the opposite? I won’t even get into the questions about animals.

Do you ever think about others and their problems?

I would say that people having a hard time putting food on the table or keeping their kids safe don’t have much time to be depressed. Instead they are busy with providing basic human needs for their families. A busy mind has no time to be depressed.

So, what is a simple approach to making your mind depression-free? First thing you can start is to be grateful for having what most of the people in the World can only dream of. Just contemplate on all the questions I mentioned in previous paragraph.

Second thing would be to stop moaning about not having everything. Instead concentrate on working to improve what you have, step by step. Life will never be without problems and you can never have it all.

And most importantly, start looking at a bigger picture. Again, contemplation on above questions can do wonders here.

I would add a fourth good strategy as optional but a great way to shake off depression and that is to start some charity work by helping people or animals.

Few years back I met my friend for coffee and chat. She was recently fired from work. But during our meeting I kept blabbering about my problems at work. After I finished my moaning, she calmly said “at least you have a job”. It was a cold shower right there and she was right. I was very ungrateful at that moment and not only that but I was so into my own problems that I forgot to look at the bigger picture. Because I was so consumed by my own problems I forgot she might feel so much worse with actual jobless and therefore insecure life condition.

All I wrote here is based on my personal experience. I went from feeling down and closed up to feeling happy and open living a fulfilled life. It is all a matter of setting the right mindset, a positive mindset and it can only be done with putting your own personal effort into making a change.

Having a bigger picture in mind will let you out of your depression cage. And not only can you get rid of depression like that, you can help others by doing something worthwhile and meaningful instead of spending your days and years feeling sorry for yourself and with that wasting your precious time.


Note: In my blog posts I am speaking about general modern depression and not a clinical type. My personal approach to healing of depression is something that worked for me and the reason I started this blog is to help others by inspiring with my own personal success story.  If you find anything helpful here, I am happy to help. For life threatening conditions I advise talking to a professional therapist.

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