Relaxation meditation with healing light

In the present times it is not easy to be calm and stress free. Unfortunately, we are all under stress, even children and retired people. Not to mention working class!

When being in stressful situations, there are always two things we can do: move away or accept things as they are and go day by day. The second one is more often our reality, so to deal with tough situations we must find coping mechanism.

My number one coping mechanism for all stress sources is meditation. Today I am writing about one specific and very powerful meditation which helps to relax and heal our mind and body. As I mentioned in previous posts, I have been a steady meditator for more than 5 years and over all I have been in meditation world for a decade.

Relaxation meditation that I am using is very simple but like any other method, it requires consistency.

Find a comfortable position that best suits you. My preferred position is sitting on the floor, legs crossed one in front of the other and right palm placed in the left. Spine has to be straight and your eyes closed. When sitting on a cushion you have to feel like you are pressing against your legs. This is the position in all of my meditations, however if you are unable to sit in that position, sit on the chair with legs on the floor.

Begin by taking few deep breaths and dwell in the present moment. Breathe with ease and feel your body and mind settling down.

Let your mind release all the worries and tensions. When you meditate, state the following in your mind: “I am now meditating, this is the only thing important at the moment. I am letting all the worries, fears and doubts leave me because they are not doing anything helpful. I am releasing all the tension. I am calmly present in the now.”

Just breathe and let the thoughts go away. If any thought appears, acknowledge it and release it to pass just as it came.

Imagine a white light coming down from above. It is a light of a higher power, it has a healing and cleaning power and it is bringing complete serenity and harmony. It is entering your body through the top of your head. Slowly it is coming down and filling your head. In that process you feel the light melting any tension, sickness or clusters of filth that were created by your stressful and unhappy lifestyle. Light is continuing to go deeper into your body, filling your neck. The same healing and cleaning process is happening there. You feel the part of your body where the light is in becoming lighter, less vibrating and tranquil. The peace is taking over the part of the body where light is.

Slowly move to the next area: shoulders, hands.. light is filling it and melting the tension.

Light is going further into the lungs, back and going down to the stomach. It is filling every cell of your body. Finally, it is filling the legs. You are now full of the healing and peaceful light.

Feel the light healing you. It is cleaning all the dark parts of your body. The light is pleasant giving you a sense of peace and harmony. Enjoy the light being in you for some time and when you feel you have been recovered and all the clusters made from stress and negativity are melted and gone, open your eyes and thank the light for its healing and cleaning.

This meditation should last 15-20 minutes but if you have time feel free to prolong it to as much time as you feel comfortable. It is important to do it in a relaxed manner without any force. Simply surrender to the light.

You can imagine the light coming from some deity if you are religious, or simply from the far space if you believe in omnipotent force which has no personality. For people who don’t believe in any kind of higher power, this meditation is helpful if you meditate on the light coming from our source of all life – the Sun.

This technique when applied in case of insomnia can greatly help to falling asleep. In that case do it lying on your back and imagine the light filling you either from the head or through skin on each body part.

Mind has much greater power than we think and when we combine it with higher power, it is limitless. Always think positive thoughts and the good will come back to you.

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