My recipe for a happy life

In my previous post I told you about how I found the answers to the meaning of life through explanation why we exist and how our lives work. Karma and our own will to exist which push us through life after life are the key factors for me that changed my perspective on all things, including life’s suffering. I stopped being depressed and worried about small stuff knowing that we are not just a random act of evolution. We have control over our lives and we can create good or bad in our lives.

But knowing all this does not make me immune to life’s problems and how I react to them. Sure, I do not feel meaningless or empty any more, but I still do have problematic life situations that I have to deal with.


So I discovered the next three methods to be recipe for a happy life and they work awesome job to increase my life’s quality. They are:

  • positive affirmations with creative visualization
  • mindful living
  • meditation

Over the last 20 years of exploring self-help methods, these three proved to be most helpful to me.


Positive affirmations with creative visualization

I am sure you have heard all about these two methods since they have been promoted by modern life coaches for some time now. Simply put, for me it means changing my mind’s program by applying positive self-talk and visualizing what I say to enhance the impact.

The most important positive affirmation I use is “I accept things as they are”. The reason why I use this affirmation is to quit battling my unavoidable situations and accept them so that I ease the tension when I am angry or worried. I use this affirmation for things like stress at work due to upcoming deadlines which might be missed or traffic jam that might cause me to be late to work. Well, you get the point. I am also using it for things that I might change in the future but for now it cannot be changed and I have to be patient until I do.

These two methods can, of course, be applied separately and often I do to. But I realized when the two are combined, their affect is multiplied.

Mindful living

Because of fast paced life, we get through the day so fast and unaware that we wonder where it went. I discovered that mindful approach to life is a very good technique to be self-aware and present in the moment.

Basically it means being present in the moment with your full attention. If you are washing dishes, you are washing dishes and not thinking about how three days ago you had a fight with your husband. If you are sitting in the park, you are enjoying nice sunny weather with birds chirping and not thinking about how your boss is making you miserable at work which makes your nice day in the park being ruined. I hope you get my point.

This is not easy to use in your everyday life but with little practice you will get better and see how great and helpful this technique is.


The third method I use and find it to be most important to me is meditation. I use the mindfulness meditation combined with few positive affirmations in the beginning to strengthen my meditation process like “I am completely calm and present in the moment, I let go of any thoughts which may come”.

Doing mindful meditation by concentrating on my breath is something I consider to have a healing effect on me. I can literally feel my mind settling down. To explain graphically how it works: the mind is mostly like the sea bottom when the sand lifts and blurs the water, but when mindfulness meditation is done, the sand settles to the ground and water becomes clear and calm.

I can’t stress enough how this is very beneficial method to become tranquil. I get up half an hour earlier before work to meditate, that’s how great it works for me. I encourage everyone to start meditating, you will see results very quickly and the effort you put in will pay off with results multiplied many times. I speak and encourage from my own experience.


So that is basically my recipe for happy living. I use positive affirmations with visualization to shake off negative thoughts, mindfulness to be present and aware in case something negative shows up which I again solve with the first method and finally I use meditation to settle my scattered and upset mind which, if applied on a daily basis, benefits throughout the entire day and even for few days.

Think about what methods you have heard of that sound appealing to you and then start doing them regularly. Consistency is the most important thing to make progress in anything.

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