The power in positive affirmations and creative visualization

The power of positive affirmations and creative visualization

In my early 20’s I was introduced to positive affirmations and creative visualization methods when I went to Autogenic training course and I got very interested in this technique. But like many people, I wasn’t much consistent in doing it. So on and off I have been using it for about 20 years. For some time nothing happened but I was never a quitter so I decided to try out few different approaches to these techniques and see what will happen. Here is what I have discovered that made it really work.

Before I begin, I would like to say that these two techniques are mostly used separately. It was my own experiment that showed me they work wonderfully together and give great results. So people either use one or the other, however I realized that combined together they cause much stronger effect. Also, it is usually used to attract positive changes in life in the future which I also practice but the main reason I use them is to change my mindset – how I think and react to circumstances.

Here are few tips:

  1. When doing positive affirmation, I visualize “the effect” of what is spoken in my mind. For example, if I use affirmation “I am completely relaxed” I see myself sitting or lying completely calm with a smile on my face. Then I let the image with the words flow over me and make effect on my physical body.
  2. Using it as often as possible is important but the best time to use them is in a totally relaxed state such as in meditation or before falling asleep / after waking up. That is the time when subconscious mind can be greatly affected and the programs in our mind can be influenced.
  3. My main affirmation is “I accept things as they are” because I often feel like I can’t accept some events happening to me and want to change them as quickly as possible. It only makes me more anxious and unhappy when I try to shake them off. That is why this affirmation serves me as a powerful method to stop fighting life’s negativity and accept it so that I can approach it in a relaxed manner and then change it or just stop fighting what cannot be changed. Of course, with this affirmation I apply a picture of me being calm and happy knowing that things around me are not favorable but I am still ok with it.
  4. In the beginning of my morning meditation, after initial relaxation, I also use positive affirmations to enhance my meditation technique. It is like giving a positive boost with affirmations to my meditation to be more effective, such as “my meditation is successful and deep, I am completely concentrated on my meditation and I let any arising thoughts just pass by without attachment”. Then again during meditation when I feel like my thoughts are wondering off or I can’t fully concentrate I do few more positive affirmations to stabilize myself again.
  5. It is very powerful to combine positive affirmations with creative visualization when things are tough in our lives and we can’t escape them. That is why I use no. 1 affirmation “I accept things as they are” and visualize myself in the middle of the tough situation in peace and happy.

To explain what I am talking about and help you use this technique more effectively I will give you an example. Recently I started a new job in a large company that seemed very promising. In the meantime I learned that my director is a yeller, some of my colleagues are not very friendly and the pay won’t go much higher. So I started applying positive affirmation “I accept things as they are” with seeing myself happy and in peace “imagining” tough situations that can happen but me in the middle of them peaceful and happy. It helps me being in peace at the moment… however it doesn’t mean I will quit wanting a better job. I will keep an open mind to find a better job but until I find it, I will accept things as they currently are.

Positive affirmations in combination with creative visualization are very powerful tools and I encourage everyone to do them regularly. If you want serious results from any self-help method the key is consistency, I can’t stress that enough. Nothing works 100% of the time but there is a great difference if you are happy and stress-free most of your time or almost never. So if you are unhappy, depressed and anxious like I was, the only way out is by applying self-help methods and these two techniques are very powerful. Be the creator of your happiness because the power to do that is in you and no one else!

One of my greatest affirmations teachers that I have been following for two decades is Louise Hay and this book is my no. 1 recommendation “I can do it: How to use affirmations to change your life”. You can purchase it at Amazon at this link.

Wishing you lots of success and happiness.

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