Finding the answers to meaning of life and how it cured my depression and anxiety

This might be very strange title for you to read and maybe you think now judging the title “this is a stupid way to cure something” but I believe finding the answers to meaning of life is crucial if you want to stop being depressed and start enjoying life. I will explain why I believe it to be so.

Think about it. If you struggle with depression, how do you feel? Empty? Unhappy? Or would a proper word be… meaningless? Yes, that is how I felt. And I knew at the bottom of my heart that not knowing the answers why everything happens made me unhappy and empty. I figured if there is a reason to all of the pain and suffering in the world, I want to know about it.

All of the life problems just seemed so much heavier because whatever was happening to me I just kept feeling like a victim of my own circumstances. Why me, I thought. Why do I have to suffer? Why does everyone else have to suffer? All these questions were a product of searching for the meaning.

The depression and anxiety I felt day after day, year after year, was painful and real to me. I wanted to get rid of it. I wanted to be happy.
So whatever method I tried, although it did help to a certain extent, it didn’t help long-term. I suppose feeling meaningless applied to all areas of my life, even to the methods I was trying. Nothing was persistent.

Then one day my sister gave me a book about Buddhism. In that book, among many of their religious aspects, I learned about two life-changing concepts: the law of Karma and circle of rebirths (or popularly known as reincarnations) and why was it happening.
I am not going to promote to become a Buddhist but what I want for you is to see some of their very important and life-changing views that actually make a lot of sense.

Let me tell you how those two aspects gave me an answer to what a meaning of life is and how it changed my life for the better.
Karma is a law of cause and effect, and rebirths are a sequence of being reborn over and over again. Through numerous lives we do random acts that cause, by the law of Karma, other acts to be created. Or simply put: each action causes an effect.
By our own will to exist, to create, to be loved and give love, etc., we are pushed to be reborn into some form of life. During each life we create actions that cause other actions. And that is the cycle of being reborn again and again while our own created Karma models those rebirths.

So… I applied these two concepts to my own life. I realized my poor meaningless state must be the result of my own will that made my present state as it is by its actions in the past! By having the will to exist and living a certain way, I created all of my present circumstances. This life is my own creation!

With these explanations my depression and anxiety actually vanquished because life started to have a new meaning. I felt powerful and alive! I felt my life was in my own hands! I realized whichever state I am currently in is the result of my previous actions and now is the time to create my life which will produce effect sometime in the future!

I took the power over my own life by realizing that I am being reborn by my own will to exist and that I am a direct result of my previous (good or bad) actions.

I no longer felt sorry for myself. Why would I? Who made me this way? Me, of course. So there is no need to feel like a victim.
I felt liberated. My power is in my own hands.

That’s it guys and gals. This is my liberating experience. Maybe these thoughts will make you think and you realized the same thing as I did. Or maybe you still need to find the answers to your meaning of life. But I definitely encourage you to start searching, be open for all that you hear and read because I truly believe that to be happy and fulfilled we need to know what our purpose is, what the meaning of our life is.
Ask yourself what is you meaning of life? Why do you live?

Maybe it is to be creative or to have a family. Maybe you just want to enjoy every day as it is or is it that your work fulfills you? Is it that you believe in higher power who knows all the answers and you trust in him/her? These are all awesome ways to live a meaningful life.
But if you are depressed, the meaning is clouded at the moment, yet I assure you there IS a meaning of your life, you just maybe don’t see it at the moment. I didn’t see it for a long time. Now I see how my life is exactly where it has to be, and I enjoy it just by knowing that I am here because I choose to be.

So start asking your questions and they will come to you when the time is right. Be open for everything around you. You never know where you will find the answers, maybe even in such a small thing like a book given by your sibling.

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