Welcome to HARMONIA!

Welcome to my blog HARMONIA positive mindset! I am very excited to start this journey of blogging as it has been my wish for a long time.

If you suffer from depression or are generally feeling down and you wish to cure yourself in a natural way, then you are in the right place. I experienced a long 10-year ride battling depression and anxiety. After finally conquering it and finding inner fulfillment and happiness, I am now in a place where I am glad to share my story to help others who are struggling the same thing. What a better thing to do than to help someone by teaching them useful techniques from my own experience that will change their lives!

My story began when I was about 20 years old and started having episodes of depression mixed with anxiety. It got much worse in the next two years which made my life pretty painful. Whatever I was doing I had to do it with tremendous effort because nothing was getting me going. Nothing had any meaning.

In the beginning I struggled to find natural cure for my condition and most of it included various self-help methods. Then as the time went by and nothing was helping long term I started losing the will to search for a cure and for the last 3-4 years of my depression I just gave in. Although it wasn’t an easy decision to make, it had to be done because I felt I was at the bottom with not much energy to live – I undertook formal medication treatment the last year of my depression and anxiety period. I figured I should only take it temporarily until I picked myself together again and found new energy to fight. Taking  medication for a year put me back together so when I felt it was time to try fighting on my own again, I got off them. I remember the side effects of quitting medications lasted for about 3 months and it was not an easy process. But I continued to live searching for the answers, the cure and ultimately the happiness.

Then something wonderful happened. Shortly after quitting the medication I found answers that changed my life and altered the view on my problems. I found the explanation why things happen in life and how they work which gave me the answers to the meaning of life! With this knowledge joined with few methods used on a daily basis to build positive mindset, I have created a depression and anxiety free, fulfilled and happy life for myself. It took another almost 10 years to put it all together and test what works for me and what doesn’t and it gradually helped me improve my life’s quality even more.

So I am here to share my experience and knowledge in a sincere and compassionate effort to help end the suffering caused by depression and anxiety. And not only that, but to help improve life’s quality.

In the end I just want to explain why the name Harmonia. The name was inspired by Greek goddess of harmony and also because my inspiration in life is to be in harmony with myself and the World which can be created by correctly shaped positive mindset. And this blog is all about that!

May you all find the answers to your problems, the peace in your hearts and the true cause of happiness, to which I devote this blog!

Disclaimer: My blog is a place where I speak of my own personal experience and how I changed my depressed and anxious state to being happy and fulfilled. I am simply trying to encourage anyone who has similar problems to start self-change through different types of self-help methods. It is NOT meant to suggest anyone should quit applying formal medication or therapy. 

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